Thank you for your attention to this.  I appreciate it. If I ever get in a situation like this, your office will be the first I call! -Tim
Words can not express my gratitude and deep appreciation, this whole ticket ordeal was stressful from the beginning and it was your firm to help set my mind at ease. I deeply grateful for the assistance and legal representation. If I do ever end up in Virginia again I will make sure to contact you first. - Vaughn
Ms. Robinson, Thank you and Mr. Mattox for helping to resolve this matter.  We found it was our pleasure having you represent us.  You made this process simple, quick and efficient with great professionalism.  We are happy with the outcome of our case and would continue to keep you in mind if we require any legal assistants in the future.  I would recommend your office to anyone in need of your services.  - Maureen and Tom
Stephanie, Thanks, so much, to you and the Mattox firm for handling this so well.  I am very happy with the outcome.  I have paid the fine and am grateful the case is closed. - Lynn
Mary Anne, I shall be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for your personal touch and the outstanding representation I received as a client of the Mattox Law Firm. You obtained the BEST possible outcome for me in regards to my Reckless Driving (90/70) charge. Expect the highest rating on the recommend survey feedback sites. - Chance
Mr. Mattox and Mrs. Mosson, Thank you for walking me through this process and being so down to earth and such nice people.   -Manuel
Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate it! I look forward to putting this behind me. You and your team was professional, efficient and awesome to work with! -Nancy

Ms. Robinson, I would like to thank you for all of your help. I truly appreciated the timeliness of your responses whenever I had a question. I will know who to turn to, should this incident occur again (hope not haha). I wish you all the best of luck, thank you.– Diego

Just a quick note of "THANKS" for getting the results I desired!  I really appreciate it and will pass the word about your firm. - Nickels
Thank you so much Mary Anne.  You all made this process extremely easy for us and we really appreciate that. We will make sure to refer any friends your way!   - Heidi
Mary Anne, Thank you so much and please thank Mr. Mattox. Thank your firm again for making this a much easier process than initially anticipated.    - Bobbi
Hi Lawyer Mattox, Mary Anne and Stephanie, I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all you did to help me with my case.   - Petronilla
Hopefully I won’t have to use you again but if so you will be the first I call. Great outcome and thanks!    -Peter
Dear Stephanie, Mary Anne, Trey,
I am pleased to see the final results without points or criminal charges imposed upon me. Without your help, it would be extremely difficult for me to fight against. I want to Thank you all for your guidance, advises, professionalism.   -Hingwan
Dear Stephanie and dear Mary Anne - thank you so much for your assistance and support in this matter, you both made the entire process smooth and handled it very professionally and for that, I'm very grateful to you. Please also convey my heartfelt thank you to Attorney Mattox for his help and support in resolving the case in an amicable and desired outcome. Once again, thank you for all your help, it is greatly appreciate it.  -Shahed
 Thank you so much I must say your entire team is amazing. You all are extremely polite, helpful, and you get back to me quickly which I appreciate so much.   -Karasue
Thank you guys, very much! Couldn't have asked for a better outcome!    -Bryan
Thank you again. You gave me piece of mind during, what was for me, a stressful situation.   -Anna
I want to thank you all for your endless support in this case and getting it resolved quick and with a positive result. THANK YOU AGAIN.    -Mark
Stephanie, thank you so much for your prompt response to my emails and keeping me informed, please give my deep thanks to Mr. Trey Mattox for his service. The day I got your letter, I also got 9 other letters. I read all of them, I thought you guys sounded less "commercial" and more professional, that's why I called you. You guys proved me right and I'm thankful,  I promise, the next time I drive buy, I'll get you a pizza...
Thank you again for your service, Stephanie, you are the best.   -Byron
Thank you so much for everything Stephanie!! You have been a great relief to me to know you are there to help me through this.  I hope to never be in this situation again but I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to others needing help in a similar situation. Out of the 20+ solicitations I received for services in this matter, I'm so happy I choose Mattox!    -Sarah
I really do appreciate all you guys have done. You guys are great!!    -David
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mattox for his effort in ensuring a favorable outcome for me. Also, I would like to thank Mary Anne for working with me to present my case.    -Girish
Ms. Mosson,  Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate all your efforts. Your office put my mind at ease from our very first phone call.    -Most grateful, Lucy
Thank you so much for taking my case and helping me with a dismissal. Your attorney and firm has been exceptional!!    -Patricia
Thank you for the help Philip received.  He and my husband enjoyed meeting Mr. Mattox.  Philip was so happy that he didn't have to say anything.  He didn't think he needed a lawyer but thanked me afterwards for having Trey with him in court.  We will certainly give him recommendations for a job well done and a pleasant person to be with. Best regards to you and your firm.    -Carole and the family
Thank you so much, Mary Anne. We are so happy to hear everything did work out the way we hoped. :) Thank you again for all of your and Mr. Mattox's help with this. It was a pleasure working with you, as well.    -Laura
Ms. Robinson, I would like to thank Mr. Mattox and his entire staff for their assistance in the matter. You not only saved us travel time but also money (gas, tolls, etc.). I can't thank you enough. I will pass the court's decision to my son immediately. I hope we never have to use your firm again. But, if someone I know gets caught speeding in Virginia, I will certainly recommend your firm. Again, thank you so much for your handling my son's matter.
This is a belated response to thank you for you for the assistance you provided to my son with his recent traffic case. The successful disposition of the case was a relief to my family. The requirement for Will to attend safety class will certainly benefit him. Your expert administration of his case resulted in the best outcome we could have expected.     -Kirk
I am definitely pleased with the outcome of Mr. Mattox's help in my case, and will leave a highly positive review soon! I'd like to thank your team for your help, and will definitely recommend your services in the future.
Stephanie, I appreciate all the hard work that you have done for me. This has been a very stressful time for me and you made it run smoothly. You always answered all my questions. I would absolutely hire your service whenever in need and would definitely recommend your service.   -Yenny
Ms. Mosson, Thank you for all your help in this matter. And I would like to personally thank Mr. Mattox, as well. Please relay this message.    -Thanh
Mr. Trey Mattox, This is to thank you for defending me on my case earlier this month.    I did not know where to begin to handle this on my own.  You guided me in a professional way; keeping me informed and responding to my questions promptly.  I really appreciate that.  Thank you, Stephanie, for all the efforts you made also.  Everyone was easy to work with. I did write some reviews, in case you would like to read them. Congratulations, I guess, to both of us on a successful negotiation.  I, for one, am very pleased.    -Thank you and best regards, Charles
I greatly appreciate your teams hard work and diligence in helping me reduce my reckless driving ticket. I will follow all instructions, including completing an upcoming drivers school training course to reduce my charge.Your firm was very professional, and always promptly answered any questions I may have had. Your services have been invaluable.I will definitely recommend your firm if anyone needs traffic violation assistance in your area.
Thank you so very much to all involved in my case! I greatly appreciate what was done to help my case, and I am very pleased with the outcome.    -Michelle
I just wanted to thank you Ms. Mary Anne & Ms. Stephanie for dealing with me with my lateness on my replies and sending in info that you requested! I am truly pleased with the out come of my case!!! Please thank Mr. Mattox again for me for doing a great job representing me(I also know you two ladies had a big hand in doing so also)!!! I will not hesitate to recommend this law firm! Thank you all.   -Nito
Thank you for your services. Very pleased with how easy this process was from afar!    -Russell
Just wanted to send a note of thanks to your office for taking care of this matter for me.  I am so very happy and relieved at the wonderful outcome you were able to obtain for me.  It was a pleasure dealing with such a first class law firm.     -Pat
I do have to say that out of calling over 13 firms, you were the most informative and polite person I spoke with!   -Rachel
I would like to thank the entire staff, who helped in the outcome of my case yesterday in Hanover General District Court. Although I've never meet any of you all, I feel like you had my best interest at heart, keep up the good work and I pray continued success in all your cases.
Thanks you very much for your help in this matter.  You have been very easy to work with.     -Blake
Thank you for representing me in Greensville General District Court. I am very grateful on the outcome of my case. You all did a great job.
Thank you for getting this ticket reduced from a speeding ticket to non moving violation.   -Keith
Dear Ms. Mosson & Mr. Mattox:
Thank you very much for taking care of this matter on my behalf. I am relieved that you were able to reduce the penalty and keep the fines at a minimum. I will certainly recommend you to anyone that may be caught in the same situation.  And I certainly will be much more careful while driving. 
Thank you so much.  We will be happy to recommend you in the future!    -Lori
Thanks for representing me on this case. I am impressed with the outcome.
I will pay the fine as soon as possible.
Highly appreciated and would recommend your service to all my friends and family.
Best wishes always.
I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. It's been a rough couple of months to say the least, and having this taken care of is a welcomed relief. Thank you to you and your firm for your hard work, courtesy, and professionalism. It is much appreciated.   -Dan
Trey, I cannot thank you and your professional staff for the desirable out come. I had no less than 5 other solicitations from other law firms but I affirm I chose the right firm.    -Timothy
Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you and attorney Mattox. I really appreciate the responsiveness and efficiency of the firm from the beginning as well as the ability to obtain a great outcome. I will absolutely recommend attorney Mattox to anyone in that area needing services in the future.    -Colleen
Thank you very much, I am extremely happy with the outcome. I will definitely recommend your office to others.    -Leuris
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to represent me in court yesterday. I am very pleased with the outcome, and I am extremely grateful for all the work you put into obtaining such a favorable result for me. I will certainly be reaching out to you if another incident arises in the future. Thank you again for all your help. Have a great rest of the week, and happy holidays!    -Best, Ryan
I'm am extremely pleased with the court's decision to negotiate the charges to a non-moving violation.  I would definitely recommend his services to others who have similar charges.    -Diane
This is great news !  Better than I imagined it would be.  Thank you so much for your prompt, courteous service, attention to detail and obvious great taste in ties.  I will recommend you to any of my friends, who find themselves in a similar situation, without reservation.    - Thanks again, Sandra
Thank you very much for all of your help and for representing me in this case. I am more than grateful for your  fair price and the outcome that you obtained for me. You made the process simple and easy, as this was a process that was unknown to me. In all honesty I can say, that I have truly learned my lesson and have not driven over the speed limit since.    -Thank you again sir and God bless. Maria
"So glad to have this matter finally a thing of the past.  Thanks for your honest assessment of my situation and possible outcomes as well as keeping me informed of change in court days due to the bad weather.  Looks like the online payment is the best way to go so I will have an immediate record of the payment being made and the issue being closed.  I will get that done soon.  Thanks again and may God bless you as you bring integrity to a profession with so many opportunities for abuse."    -Kenneth R.
"Perfect!  I am very pleased with the outcome.  You can be sure I'll call on you again should the need arise.  However, you can expect that I'll be ultra careful driving in VA.  I shall certainly recommend you others and shall thank the folks who led me to you.  My thanks too to Stephanie for her most helpful assistance."    -Harry
I am very glad to read the outcome of this case and delighted that I did business with you. I appreciate your knowledge in your field and compassion for your customers. I am really happy and I thank you again for representing me.   -Azeem
I sincerely appreciate your hard work and your excellent service. I am extremely pleased with the outcome, and if, under the unfortunate circumstance, I, or anyone I know, would need legal services in the future, I will be sure to give you a call. Again, thank you so much for you help.    -Ryan
I am very pleased with your service and the outcome in this matter. The fine has been paid. You deserve a very good rating and it will be my pleasure in writing one for you. A very big thank you from me and my family!   -Ken
It was such a pleasure working with you on something so unpleasant.  Thanks for your timely attention and for working with us as a true professional.  We would highly recommend you to others in this situation.  Good luck to you in the future!    -Roger
My sincere thanks goes to Attorney Trey Mattox for excellent legal representation. The results from my reckless driving case were great. I could not be happier with the outcome. Attorney Trey Mattox, made a very critical difference in my future. As a professional, I had a lot to lose and his level of  expertise & recommendations prior to my hearing date was excellent.  Thanks Again & Again!!!    -Morgan
I just want to say thank you and God bless you! I don't really have a word to express my feelings when I read the finalized statement.  You know what, I got two different jobs, both of them are transportation.  Guess what will happen if I don't have a well organized, making things easy and simple law firm-Mattox Law, P.C.?  I will never forget your service, I will recommend Trey for family and friends.  
I am happy! Thank you!    -Sisay
Attorney Mattox and Stephanie, Just wanted to say Thank you for representing me in this matter and for being able to get this ticket reduced for me.  Just the thought of having a criminal offense on my record was very stressful for me and knowing this has been removed is a great relief.     -Thank you again.Mary
I am so grateful and appreciative for the outcome,  only possible I surmise because of your expert leader and legal team.  Efficiency, legal expertise and understanding of client's individual case made this firm an excellent choice for me.  I certainly made the right choice by selecting you. With so many choices of legal firms advertising, I lucked out by selecting you.  Actually it wasn't luck-// you mailed out your flyer first and I was confident with your firm after speaking to both a paralegal (I assume) and Mr. Mattox.  Never having received a driving ticket before, I was quite upset and nervous. Thanks, again.   -GeorgeAnn



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