Why the Virginia State Inspection Sticker is Moving

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Starting January 1, 2018 the Virginia state inspection sticker will remain on the windshield but it will be placed at the bottom corner of the driver's side. The change is due to interference with the safety mechanisms  found in newer vehicles. 

Virginia State Police said "The relocation stems from the fact that automobile manufacturers now offer crash avoidance technology in many of their vehicles.  In such vehicles, the new technology utilizes the center of the windshield. Therefore the placement of items in that area, including stickers, could prevent crash avoidance systems from operating properly". 

"Existing Virginia vehicle inspection stickers are to remain in their current position – in the bottom center of the windshield. Once a vehicle is inspected and issued a 2019 sticker, the new inspection sticker must be placed in the lower left corner, which is consistent with other states across the nation" stated police.