Newsoms Police Department Disbanned in Southampton, Virgina

By a unanimous vote the town of Newsoms decided to dissolve the town’s police department on October 8. Also they agreed to place Police Chief Jeffery McKenney on paid administrative leave until then, terminate the employment of Lt. Jerry Studer with cause and accept the resignation of former Mayor Kenneth Wayne Cooke. This resulted in everything from firearms to keys to patrol cars having to be immediately turned over. Councilwoman Judith Rose and Councilman Joseph Stewart both had planned to resign but had a change of heart. Rose stated she decided to stay because it is the only way she can change what happens in the future. Stewart decided to stay stating “I’m going to remain on the council and do my darnedest to pull through for this town.” There is speculation over what started all this, but Rose believes it was when she asked Stewart to confront Chief McKenny regarding him drinking and driving with a loaded firearm on his hip.  So far countless cases have been thrown out as Chief McKenney has been deemed to not be a credible witness and "un-insurable."


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