Halloweeen Safety Tips

With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, you can expect a lot of adults celebrating the holiday in addition to all the  children out trick or treating.  If your child is out trick or treating, be sure they are visible to motorist on the road.  Some safe trick or treating suggestions include: using flash lights, carrying glow sticks, wearing bright clothing, and placing reflective tape on costumes. Parents, remind your children of the importance of looking both ways before entering the roadways and to use the sidewalk whenever possible. If you plan to drive your child to go trick or treating, have them exit on the passenger side to avoid having to enter the roadway. When traveling in residential areas, avoid any distractions and reduce your speed. Motorist should also use their headlights and be on the lookout for children in dark clothing darting between parked cars and crossing the street. Always be sure to use extreme caution when exiting or entering driveways.  Triple-A reports fatal injuries from motor vehicle crashes jump 50% when Halloween falls on the weekend with 40% being related to drunk driving. If you plan on drinking, be sure to plan ahead and make arrangements for a designated driver or plan to stay the night. Check out this link for more information.