Will Requesting A Continuance Have An Impact On My Case?

There is frequently a need to continue traffic cases for a variety of reasons, none of which are likely to have a negative impact on the outcome.  In some cases, I may have a scheduling conflict that requires me to continue the case to a date that works with my calendar.  I practice in several jurisdictions and sometimes these jurisdictions will hold court on the same day and time.  Courts are very understanding about this and will grant continuance requests liberally.

In other cases, my clients may need more time to obtain a driving record, complete driving school, or community service.  Many firms have started charging clients a fee when they have to request a continuance for these purposes.  I do not and will not charge for requesting a continuance when my client needs a little more time to prepare.

There are other instances where I need to continue a case to avoid a substitute judge.  When the presiding judge is sick, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable the clerks office will bring in a substitute judge to handle that days docket.  Some substitute judges are very lenient and other more strict.  I am familiar with most of the substitute judges that are frequently brought in and wont hesitate to request a continuance when one of the more strict judges is sitting.  It is important to retain an attorney who is knowledgeable about both the presiding judge or judges as well as the common substitute judges.

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