Will Community Service Help My Traffic Case?

In many traffic cases, completion of community service can be a helpful tool to ensure that we obtain the best possible outcome.  Community service is most frequently used for higher speed reckless driving cases.  In some cases the judge will require the completion of a set number of hours before being willing to reduce the reckless driving charge or even avoid an active jail sentence.  In other situations, I advise my clients to complete community service prior to the court date as a way to persuade the judge into reducing a case he or she may otherwise be unwilling to reduce.

When completing community service it is vital to complete the hours from an appropriate organization to ensure the court gives you proper credit.  The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting an organization is their non-profit status.  Most judges require the community service to be completed for a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Additionally, you want to avoid schools, churches, and organizations you already belong to.  Any other non-profit outside of those exceptions should be acceptable to the court.

Once you have competed the required amount of community service hours you will need to get the organization to write a letter on your behalf.  You will want the supervisor include the numbers of hours and the details of the community service in the letter.  The letter will need to be on a piece of that organizations letterhead in order for the court to accept it.