What Should I Wear to Court?

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In many situations, the defendant coming to court is unnecessary and would not provide any benefit to the case. However, there are many instances where a personal appearance may help to ensure that we obtain the best possible outcome. Finally, there are situations where the offense is serious enough that an appearance is required in court. 

I have seen all sorts of different "styles" come to court, and all too often these styles are not appropriate for an appearance in court. Some extreme examples include a tuxedo t-shirt and a shirt proclaiming "I didn't do it." On other occasions simply wearing shorts has forbade an individual from entering court. In one particular court a person who shows up to court wearing shorts is required to wear pants provided for inmates in order to be permitted to enter the courtroom.

My thoughts on this topic are that dressing more formally is always a benefit to the case.  If you have a suite or just a sport coat and tie that you may be able to wear then I certainly would recommend doing so. However, a suite is certainly not required for a traffic case. That being said you should certainly make an effort to look presentable.  Try to avoid wearing jeans but instead wear kakies. Wear a button down dress shirt if possible or at least a shirt with a collar. Woman similarly should avoid wearing jeans if possible. Recommendations for women would include dresses, skirts of appropriate length, or a suite.

The ultimate goal is to demonstrate to the court that you are well put together and treating this situation with the seriousness it deserves. Judges can be more lenient to those individuals who appear to be treating the case with the seriousness it deserves.