What Is An Appropriate Place To Complete Community Service?

Completing community service hours can be an important tool to use in the defense of traffic crimes and infractions.  In many cases, primarily at higher speeds, community service may be a requirement of the Court before the judge will be willing to reduce the given traffic violation.  In other cases I may recommend completing community service prior to the trial date in order to convince the judge to reduce a violation he/she may otherwise not be inclined to reduce.  To ensure that the community service you have completed is acceptable to the Court you must ensure it is completed for an appropriate organization.

When finding an appropriate organization to complete community service, first and foremost you must find an organization that is a non-profit.  Nearly every judge will flat out refuse to accept community service that is completed for an organization that is a not a non-profit.  Specifically you should ask whether the organization has the 501(c)(3) non-profit IRS designation to verify it will qualify.

Non-profit status is not the only requirement for an acceptable organization.  Most judges want you to avoid any schools, churches, or any organizations you already belong to.  Any other non-profit organization outside of those exceptions should be appropriate.  Some examples of non-profit organizations that will be acceptable to the Court include Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill or other thrift stores, and animal shelters.  My biggest piece of advise would be to conduct an internet search for non-profits in your area so that you can try to find an organization that is in line with your interests.