What If I Don’t Think It Is A Police Officer Who Is Pulling Me Over?


Occasionally I will have a client who has concerns as to whether the vehicle attempting to pull them over is in fact a police officer. In most cases there is a single occupant of the vehicle and it is relatively late at night. Typically citing safety concerns, this individual will be apprehensive about pulling over and frequently don't for a more extended period of time.

In these circumstances the officer will need to decide whether or not you are attempting to run or elude him. Additionally, the officer will also likely consider calling for backup to assist in getting you to stop. This then can turn what would typically be a traditional stop into a more heightened and stressful encounter for all parties involved.

If you are being pulled over and have serious concerns about the authenticity of the individual pulling you over I always recommend calling 911 and putting your hazards on. Putting your hazards on will signal to the officer that you see him and are not just ignoring him. The dispatcher should then be able to quickly verify that it is in fact a police officer who is pulling you over. This will help to calm the situation and reduce the stress levels of both yourself and the officer involved. If you have received a traffic violation in Virginia contact my office at your convenience to discuss potential options, phone (804) 451-6033 or email trey@mattoxlawpc.com.