What happens if I argued with the officer?

From time to time, I will have a case I am confident will receive a reduction or even a dismissal of the alleged offense until the officer informs me that the defendant was less than polite and cooperative with him/her.  The affect of these sorts of interactions can have on the outcome of a case will depend on a number of different factors. It is often possible to mitigate these interactions by having a discussion with the officer prior to the case being heard and convincing them to testify more positively about the interaction. Additionally, when my clients are upfront with me about their negative interaction we can help to calm the situation by having the client write a letter of apology to the officer.  It is easy for your emotions to get the best of you when facing many of these traffic cases, especially when you are confident that you did not commit the alleged offense. By writing a letter to the officer you can explain the situation from your perspective and offer an apology for letting your emotions get the best of you. I have found this tactic to be very helpful in preventing demeanor issues from leading to a conviction. 

In many situations demeanor issues with the officer stem from my clients strong belief that they were not traveling at the speed alleged by the officer. Under that scenario, I will always recommend my clients take their vehicle to have the speedometer calibrated. A letter of apology coupled with a favorable calibration will go a long way towards calming the situation by both apologizing for letting your emotions get the best of you as well as explaining to the officer the reason for the frustration. Additionally, it can be helpful to specifically reference the calibration in the letter of apology as a primary reason for disputing the officers allegation. 

Cases where there was a confrontation between yourself and the officer can be problematic; however, if you are upfront with me from the initial consult we can frequently still get very good results. I offer free initial consultations and invite you to contact me so that we can discuss your case in further detail.  

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