Watch Out, It is Deer Season!

With it being deer season, you can expect to see more deer crossing the road. Almost half of deer related collisions occur in the months of October, November and December. Right now we are in the middle of their mating season. Police are urging drivers to proceed with caution and keep their eyes open especially, in the mornings and at dusk when they are most active. Studies have shown horns, hood whistles and other devices are not reliable. A deer stopped in the roadway can be hypnotized by your head lights, so try flashing your lights to encourage them to move. They like to travel in herds so be alert, more than likely there is another one close by. Deer can be very unpredictable and can cause serious problems when a collision occurs. Should a deer cross your path, grip both hands firmly on the steering wheel and continue to reduce your speed. Never swerve to avoid hitting a deer. Swerving to avoid deer can cause motorist to lose control of their vehicle and seriously injure themselves and passengers. Upon impact, take your foot off the brake to help avoid the deer going through the windshield. Check out this article for more safety tips.