Traveling With The Flow Is A No Go

When clients call in to discuss a recent traffic ticket, I always begin by getting their version of the story and what the circumstances are.  One of the most frequent answers that I hear is that they were traveling with the flow of traffic.  There seems to be a misconception that you are not likely to be pulled over so long as you are staying with the flow of traffic.  In fact that is exactly how I was taught to drive by my behind the wheel driving school instructor when I was first getting my drivers license.  I recall being surprised that the instructor seems to be less concerned about the actual speed I was traveling than whether I was keeping up with traffic.

Unfortunately, traveling with the flow of traffic is not a defense to a speeding or reckless driving ticket.  Additionally, police officers, judges, and prosecutors do not seem to be influenced by whether or not you were traveling with the flow of traffic.  In many of the jurisdiction I practice in it is not uncommon for an officer to pull over two or three cars at one time.  While it may be tempting to stay with a pack of cars traveling down the highway, this will certainly not keep you from receiving a traffic violation, especially in Virginia.