Should I Tell The Officer Why I Was Speeding?

There are often many different reasons for why an individual may be pulled over for speeding, reckless driving, or other traffic related class 1 misdemeanor.  In many cases, you never intend to speed but may just get caught traveling in the flow of traffic or momentarily passing another vehicle.  In other instances there may be an actual reason for the speed such as reaching a family emergency or needed to use the restroom for personal or medical reasons.

My policy is that it is always better to just tell the truth when explaining the reason for your speed to the officer.  Of course it is not always easy to be upfront with the officer in such a stressful situation.  This is especially true if the reason for the speed is something that can be rather personal and embarrassing to say to a stranger.  Nonetheless, it is always advisable to provide the reason for speed even if it is difficult to do so because of an embarrassing situation.

I find that it can be more persuasive if the officer is able to mention the reason to the court as opposed to us presenting it from the defense side.  It can come off as being self serving if we introduce that reason to the court.  The reason then becomes more acceptable to the court if it can be verified through officer testimony.    

Whether you mention the reason for speed to the officer or not you certainly should be sure to mention it to the attorney retained to represent you.  In the right court under the right situation, a good reason can help to get a better result than would otherwise be expected for a given case.  It is important to contact an attorney familiar with the court you were pulled over in to help decide the best way to present your reason for speed and ensure it gets the best result possible.