Should I Take My Vehicle To Have The Speedometer Calibrated?

One of the more powerful tools we can use in speed related cases is a speedometer calibration.  Many judges will determine which outcome is appropriate for any given case based on how many miles per hour you were driving above the speed limit.  In fact many judge can be pretty stubborn about the parameters they set and it can be extremely difficult to convince them to move forward with a better outcome than the parameters dictate.  However, with a favorable calibration indicating that your speedometer was reading slower than you were actually traveling I can often persuade judges to go outside of their set parameters and reduce a case further than they otherwise would have been inclined to do.

In addition to obtaining better results through a favorable speedometer calibration, we can also often reduce the requirements that Court may otherwise have.  In many case, often in higher speed cases, the judge ay require driving school community service or both before being willing to reduce the charge.  However, with a favorable calibration, I can frequently convince the judge to waive the driving school or community service requirement.

It is important to speak with an attorney who is knowledgeable about calibrations, the rules of evidence pertaining to them, and the best places to obtain a calibration.  I have an established list of calibration sits in many different states.  You cannot just simply take your vehicle to your local mechanic and have him perform an admissible calibration.  The calibration needs to be completed on a dynamometer which only select mechanics own.  I would invite you to contact me so we can discuss the best calibration shop for you and whether one would even be necessary.