Should I Plan To Appear In Court?

In many cases having my client appear in court voluntarily can be a powerful tool to help ensure that we get their speeding or reckless driving charge reduced. I most frequently request my clients appearance in high speed cases. In general, the further over the speed limit the more difficult it becomes to convince the court to reduce the reckless driving or speeding violation. Appearing in court will help to demonstrate that the client is treating the case with the correct amount of seriousness to merit a reduction.

In some cases, the clients appearance may help to secure a better outcome than the judge may otherwise be comfortable with. A clients voluntary appearance coupled with some mitigation evidence completed prior to the court date can be very influential to the judge. It seems in many cases that judges respect someone coming to court when they wouldn’t otherwise be required to and will frequently reward this behavior.

In other cases, their appearance will have little to no effect at all. Many judges have prescribed parameters they fit cases into. Unless there are truly exception circumstances theses judges will reduce every case fitting the parameters to the same extent. In these cases there is very little need for the client to appear in court as it would only be a waste of time and add no benefit. It is important to consult with an attorney familiar with your court and judge to ensure that the most is made of your appearance if it would add value to your case.