Should I Obtain a Calibration for my Virginia Reckless Driving Speeding Case?

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A speedometer calibration is one of the most important pieces of evidence we can bring to court for a reckless driving case.  A proper calibration will use a Dynomometer or dyno to test the actual true wheel speed of your vehicle as compared to what your speedometer is reading at the time.  The hope is for your speedometer to be reading a couple miles per hour slower than what your vehicle is actually traveling.  

By presenting a favorable calibration to the court, we are demonstrating that you would not have been aware that you were traveling as fast as the officer was alleging, at least according to what your speedometer was reading at the time.  A favorable calibration can often be the key to convincing the judge to move forward with a more lenient reduction than he or she may otherwise be inclined to move forward with.

It is important to note,  a calibration is not always required or even useful for every case. There are many instances where a calibration is not likely to lead to a better result. It would be unfortunate for you to go through the time and expense of obtaining a calibration while not receiving a benefit for your troubles.  

My experience has allowed me to have a very good feel for when a calibration would be useful to a case or not and I am upfront with my clients about that option. I have developed a list of calibration shops so that I can be sure to offer an appropriate calibration location for you and your specific case. It is always important to speak with an attorney knowledgeable about calibrations and your specific court in order to ensure you are wasting time or money. Please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email to discuss a calibration for your case.