Never Prepay Your Virginia Reckless Driving or Speeding Traffic Violation


When you first receive a reckless driving or speeding ticket in Virginia, frequently your first inclination is to go pay off the ticket, and get the whole experience behind you as quickly as possible. However, when you prepay the ticket you are essentially pleading guilty to the alleged offense and ultimately will be found guilty. In most cases the court will issue the standard fine based on the alleged speed and speed zone. In some cases there may also be an automatic license suspension. Once your license has been suspended you will then need to pay a restatement fee to the Virginia DMV before you would be authorized to drive in Virginia again. In addition to the expense of paying the associated fine, court costs, and reinstatement fee, a traffic conviction can cause your insurance to go up which is an additional cost that can last for years.

Retaining an attorney can help to prevent some of the added costs that a conviction for speeding or reckless driving may typically have. My main goal for a lot of these cases is to secure a dismissal or otherwise ensure that points do not end up on your driving record. These results will then keep your insurance from being affected as well. Furthermore, when dealing with reckless driving, avoiding a conviction will keep you from having a criminal record. Avoiding a criminal record can be vitally important for someone looking for a job or those with current positions that require a security clearance.

There are many secondary consequences a conviction for speeding and reckless driving can carry that are often overlooked by folks who prepay their tickets. Frequently, these secondary consequences such as increased insurance rates can stay with you for years into the future. Before prepaying your ticket it is extremely important to speak with an attorney who is familiar with the court where your case is set to be heard and is qualified to walk you through this delicate process.