Is The Officer Required To Show The Radar?

When speaking with potential clients regarding their reckless driving, speeding or other traffic  crimes and infractions, a frequent conversation topic revolves around whether the officer showed the radar.  Any many states it seems to be common practice for the officer to show the radar or a print out of the radar reading.  In some cases, this seems to be the normal course of business and the officer will volunteer the information.  In other cases, it is a requirement upon the person being pulled over demanding it.

Unfortunately, showing the radar or print out thereof is not a requirement nor a common practice in Virginia.  Although it is not regular practice in Virginia, it does happen from time to time.  I believe this would be a beneficial policy for officers to show the radar or print as it seems to add some trust and reliability to the whole process.  Many if not most potential clients have reservations as to the accuracy of the officers allegations regarding the alleged speed.  The ability to see what the officer was looking at the would inevitably help to calm some of those concerns.  However, for now the policy in Virginia is against showing the radar so don’t be surprised if the officer refuses your request for such.  If you have any questions or concerns about your traffic case please do not hesitate to contact me.