How Will My Status In The Military Effect My Reckless Driving Or Speeding Traffic Case?

There are ample military bases both scattered throughout Virginia and neighboring states.  As such, I regularly represent members of every military branch.  Most military personnel carry some sort of security clearance which makes a class 1 misdemeanor conviction for reckless driving particularly worrisome to those individuals.  The effect your military status will have on the outcome of a case depends on which court the case is in and which judge is hearing the case. 

Some judges, particularly those who have served in the military themselves, will bend over backwards to help out military folks as much as possible.  Sometimes this comes in the form of the judge being willing to reduce a given case more than what he/she may be willing to do for the average individual.  In other cases, the judge will reduce the fine significantly in recognition of your military service.  However, some other judges treat everyone the same regardless of military service.

Additionally,  judges can differ significantly regarding the level of proof of military service.  One particular judge I appear before will require the most recent pay stubs for many military folks who may have been stationed at the same base for an extended period of time.  Other judges are more lenient requiring only a copy of the military I.D.  It is important to speak with an attorney who is knowledgeable about the judge(s) sitting in the jurisdiction where you received the ticket to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances.