How Much Will My Fine Be And How Do I Pay It?

In the vast majority of the traffic cases I handle there will be some form of payment due to the court. Unless a case is dismissed, it is likely there will at least be court costs due to the court. This is true even with a driving school for dismissal outcome. In many cases the court will reduce the reckless driving or speeding charge rather than outright dismissing it. Under that scenario the judge will frequently keep the fine at the standard based off the originally charged speed.

For reckless driving charges every speed has a corresponding fine listed on a chart. Some judges will reduce the fine in accordance with the level of reduction in speed; however, many will insist on leaving the fine at the standard. For speeding cases, the fines are typically based on the standard scale of $6 for mile per hour over the speed limit. Therefore, a 70/55 speeding violation will have a standard fine of $90.00. In addition to the fine there will be prescribed court costs that vary slightly from court to court.

Once the fine has been set, the court will typically give you at least 30 days to get any fines and court costs paid to the court. There are several methods to go about paying the fine. You may pay by credit card online through the Virginia Court Case Information System. You will need to search the system for the appropriate court and find your name from there. A second option would be a phone call to the clerks office. For both of these methods or anytime you pay your fines and costs by card there is a 4% processing fees. In order to avoid the processing fee you may simply mail a check or money order to the clerks office.