Does The Officer Need To Calibrate The Radar/Lidar?

In order for the court to find you guilty of speeding or reckless driving by speed the officer must be able to prove the accuracy of his speedometer, radar or lidar.  Virginia Code Section 46.2-882 details the requirements the officer and commonwealth must show for testimony regarding the alleged speed to be admissible. We may have a defense to your case if the officer does not have a proper calibration certificate.

One of the key requirements revolves around the timing of the calibration pertinent to your case.  To be admissible the calibration certificate must have been completed no more  6 months prior to the date you were pulled over.  This can sometimes get tricky with when a case has been continued one or more times.  Under that circumstance the officer may need to have more than one calibration certificate to go back far enough to cover your case.  If the officer does not have the appropriate certificate we should be able to have your case dismissed.