Defending College Students


College students have unique issues when it comes to defending traffic misdemeanors and infractions. On the one hand, college students have a lot on the line as a misdemeanor conviction will likely have a detrimental impact on the students ability to obtain employment upon graduation. Additionally, a high fine will have a more pronounced impact on a college student who typically do not have a regular income. Furthermore, there are age restrictions for completing driving school that can make it more difficult to adhere to a court order requiring the completion of driving school for a dismissal or reduction of the underlying case.

When deciding on representation it is important to consult with an attorney who has experience representing college students in your court. In some courts the judge will bend over backwards to try to help out college students with an understanding of everything they have on the line. In many cases we can arrange for a reduced fine for college students. When it comes to driving school, Virginia requires you to be at least 20 years old in order to take the school online. This of course becomes an issue for most lower class-men college students . You would still be permitted to take the driving school in person, but that can be an issue for Virginia residents going to school out of state. When completely aware of all the issues, we can frequently request the court provide an appropriate amount of time to afford this ability. I have had tremendous success defending traffic cases for college students inside and outside of the commonwealths of Virginia including:

  • Virginia Tech

  • Virginia

  • VCU

  • University of Richmond

  • George Mason University

  • James Madison University

  • Virginia State

  • Radford

  • Virginia Union

  • Christopher Newport

  • Duke

  • UNC

  • NC State

  • ECU

  • Wake Forest

  • University of Maryland

  • University of Delaware

  • Towson University

  • among many others

If you are a college student or parent of a college student who has been charged with a traffic misdemeanor or infraction please don’t hesitate to get in contact so that we can discuss you case and likely outcomes. I can be reached by phone (804) 451-6033 or email