Can I Hire an Out of State Attorney for My Case in Virginia?

Many of my clients have an attorney from their hometown or state who has regularly handled legal work for them and their families in the past.  Upon receiving a traffic violation in Virginia often their first thought is to talk to that attorney about representation in court.  I have even seen out of state attorneys, not licensed in Virginia, come to court and more or less coach their client through the proceedings without formally getting involved.  In order to practice law in any state you, you have to be licensed by that states appropriate licensing authority. You want a Virginia attorney that is familiar with all aspects of Virginia Law, the legal system, the judges and police officers.  The Virginia legal system is very unique and at times very confusing.  Additionally, traffic offenses in Virginia are not taken lightly, and a conviction carries serious consequences. Therefore, when consulting with an attorney about a traffic infraction or crime you want to ensure you are speaking with a lawyer who is not only knowledgeable about the Virginia legal system but also the intricacies of traffic law in Virginia.  Would you take your Ford to be serviced at a Volkswagen service station? Of course not! You want the best person working for you. So why would you hire an attorney from North Carolina, or any other state for that matter, to assist you with your case in Virginia?  I have successfully defended thousands of traffic cases throughout Virginia and invite you to call me today at (804)-451-6033 or email me at for a free private consultation. We can discuss your best options, as well as, the best and worst case scenarios.