How do I pay my Fine and Court Costs?

            The first thing to keep in mind about paying for your traffic ticket is the danger of prepaying your ticket before your scheduled court date.  Typically, I will still be able to represent you after you have prepaid a ticket, and I usually am able to negotiate a reduction.  However, depending on the court there can be logistical concerns that can prove to be a headache down the road.  You should always consult an attorney prior to prepaying a traffic ticket.

          If you have retained an attorney to represent you, you will be required to pay all fines and court costs within an appropriate amount of time to avoid a license suspension. Typically the court will give you 30 days to pay our fines and costs.  If the fines and costs are not paid within that 30-day window, you privilege to drive in Virginia will be suspended.  At that point you will need to get in contact with the Virginia DMV and pay an additional reinstatement fee in order to have your privilege to drive in Virginia reinstated.  If you fail to have your license reinstated and you are pulled over you will most likely receive a summons for driving on a suspended license, a charge that frequently carries jail time in Virginia.

          There are a couple options available to pay fines and costs.  Your first option is to pay the ticket online by going through the courts website  The instructions on the website are very straightforward and easy to follow.  In many cases you can also give the clerks office a call and use a credit or debit card to pay over the phone.  The problem with these two forms of payment is that the court adds a four (4) percent processing fee to all payments made using a credit or debit card.  In order to avoid this additional expense, you can mail a check or money order to the court.  Please see the link for your court for more information regarding the address and other contact information.