Should I have my Virginia Reckless Driving Case Continued?

How do I have my Case Continued?

The process for having your Virginia reckless driving, speeding, or traffic case continued is highly dependant on the particular court. In some instances, you can simply give the clerk a call and request the continuance. In other courts you must give a written request.  Thereafter, the judge will determine whether to continue the case and to which date it should be continued. It is usually continued to the officers next available court date.

After you have requested the continuance, you must moniter the court system to ensure it was granted. This is a situation where it can be valuable to retain an attorney who can moniter this for your and ensure you are not convicted in your absence due to the clerks office failure to properly continue your case.  


Should I have my Case Continued?

There are several factors at play when deciding whether to have your case continued. The first and most important reason is to get the case in front of a more favorable or lenient judge. Some courts will have one particular judge sitting a certain day of the week and a different judge on other days. It is important to know when a more favorable judge is likely to be sitting to ensure that is the judge hearing your case. 

In other courts, the judge or court room is determined at random, just prior to the court date. In these instances, it can be valuable to have the case continued, if we find the case is in front of a stricter judge.  

What if I can't Afford an Attorney? 

I frequently speak with potential clients who are interested in retaining an attorney to represent them for their Virginia reckless driving ticket but are unable to afford an attorney before the originally scheduled court date. One potential solution is for you to contact the clerks office and request a continuance to buy additional time to get the funds together so that you may retain a lawyer.